A Problem with Fear [SOLD]


A Problem with Fear (2003)? (aka Strach się bać)

Sorry this is now Sold Out!!!!!!!!!!

Paulo Costanzo ... Laurie
Emily Hampshire ... Dot
Willie Garson ... Erin
Camille Sullivan ... Michelle

A young man in Calgary, Alberta is multiphobic: nonetheless, he believes that he is the cause of the fear which is killing people around him.
Strange comedy, offbeat movieb y Gary Burns

Polish release. Strach się bać - great quality print. English 5.1 + DT and Polski 5.1 + DTS
Optional subtitles
91 mins

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

first things first, i think paulo costanzo did an excellent job as laurie, and that dot's character was a good addition to the story. you could feel laurie's paranoia and the tension he feels being in uncomfortable situations. this movie was quirky, which is what i liked about it.


i understand where mch2k is coming from though... it was sort of confusing. i didn't really understand WHY laurie controlled the people's fears, and what the deal was with the electronic fear-sensing gadgets. i agree that not enough time was spent on giving the background information, so the viewer was sort of left spending the whole movie trying to figure out where they were. the naked women running through the streets was a little unnecessary, but it must be symbolic of something. i think gary burns had the right idea anyways. it was just a movie of good fun though and i would definitely see it again

Sorry this is now Sold Out!!!!!!!!!!

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