Angel of Death 2 [SOLD OUT]



4 disc DVD-Digipack
Laufzeit: 105+88+124+133 Min.  Sprache: Deutsch  Untertitel: English Landercode: 2 (PAL)
DVD 1 (Hauptfilm 1): Women behind Bars 4   Escape from Prison Island (Angel of Death 2 Directors Cut  Exportversion)
Lange: 105 Minuten, Sprache: deutsch, Untertitel: englisch
DVD 2 (Hauptfilm 2)
Frauengefangnis 4  Flucht von der Todesinsel (ungek?rzte deutsche Verleihversion mit Alternativmaterial)
Lange: 88 Minuten
Sprache: deutsch
DVD 3 (Bonusfilmversion):
Angel of Death 2  The Prison Island Massacre (Rohschnittversion)
Lange: 124 Minuten, Sprache: deutsch
DVD 4 (133 Minuten Bonusmaterial)
Lange: 133 Minuten
- Interview Lina Romay (25 Minuten)
- Versteckte Kamera Konferenzszene (40 Minuten)
- Interview Olaf Ittenbach (16 Minuten)
- Hinter den Kulissen mit Ittenbach und Bethmann (42 Minuten)
- Nicht verwendete Szenen keiner Version (1 Minuten)
- Trailer 3 (2 Minuten)
- Trailer 2 (2 Minuten)
- Trailer 1 (2 Minuten)
- Teaser 1999 (1 Minute)
- Trailer Rossa Venezia (remastert)
- Trailer Exitus Interruptus (Langversion)

BAD TRANSLATION: the largest and most complex film of Andreas Bethmann, after 3 years production time finally completes! On these DVD are all 3 existing versions. Experience they the pornografischten and bloodiest German Independentfilm, which was ever produced! On "Prison Iceland", a rock island in the middle in the ocean, is a fortress, which functions as woman prison. Nearly unattainable, it becomes on the side of a deadly jungle, on which by a steep rock coast surround other side. To "Prison Iceland" come only women, who were condemned due to drugs or prostitution. The lesbian assessed directress Mrs. Steele leads the prison with strict and sadistischer hand and only by its right hand, the Oberaufseherin Justine, is exceeded. At the same time organize yourself a troop, which has a completely special order. Go by 1 million dollar. One of the girls was put allegedly innocently into the prison. Her father, a millionaire, would like her rausholen there to leave. Thus the troop stations itself thus


  • Model: DVD
  • Manufactured by: German Import

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