Black Venus [SOLD]


Black Venus (1983)
AWE Release
Ratio: 4:3
English Lang (2.0)
Scandinavian subtitles
95mins (uncut)
Director: Claude Mulot
Josephine Jacqueline Jones, Helga Lin?, Florence Gu?rin,
Mandy Rice-Davies***, Karin Schubert' Monique Gabrielle

"WOW!"  Mr Skin

Spanish actor Jose Antonio Ceinos stars as a down-and-out sculptor, whose inspiration returns with the strange appearance of a beautiful, mysterious black muse.


This is the fully uncut version (Stats from other releases):

Runtime: Netherlands: 86 min ?| West Germany: 95 min | USA: 80 min

This film is very excellent and shows a lot of culture. This film is a good example of the European Softcore movement which began during the mid and late 1960s and that continued to be in full swing. Josephine Jacqueline Jones is very marvelous in this film. She is sensual and erotic. Jones going from being a beauty contestant to starring in a very great soft core erotica film is a major leap and she does a great job in acting in this film. Karin Schubert has a very great role in the film that is very brief. I enjoy this film a lot. It is a film worth watching and seeing. The soft-core market in Europe made one of many classic and this film is one of them.
20 December 1999 | by Robert Byrd (Casper, Wyoming)

***Mandy Rice-Davies (born 21 October 1944), is known for her role in the Profumo affair and her association with Christine Keeler, which discredited the Conservative government of British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan in 1963.

Monique Gabriel

Florence Guerin

  • Model: AWE
  • Manufactured by: Danish Import

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