Blackout [SOLD]


Lang: English
Screen Ratio: 1.33:1
Runtime: 86 mins
Subtitles: None
Ratio; Widescrenn (16/9)
Extras: Yes
Label: Somerville Horror


"Deranged Killers on the Loose!.... Twelve hours of Sheer Terror!"

A rarity from the carefree Canadian tax shelter days of the 1970s, Eddy Matalon's underrated Blackout is an effective little low-budget crime thriller that plays heavily on inner city alienation. Rarely seen since North America shut the lights off on that troublesome and often cynical decade twenty years ago, Ventura Distribution has dutifully resurrected this forgotten flick for a new audience.

When the Big Apple is blanketed in darkness by a citywide power failure, a prison bus crashes into a wall and the four convicts inside escape. Trigger-happy Christie (Robert Carradine,The Big Red One and his slimy associates Chico (Don Granberry, The Groundstar Conspiracy), Eddy (Terry Haig, The Aviator) and Marcus (Victor B. Tyler) break their way out and take cover in a posh apartment building owned by Richard Stafford (Ray Milland, Dial M for Murder). The lone cop called to the scene, Dan Evans (Jim Mitchum, Thunder Road), tries to stop them as they go floor to floor, terrorizing the residents for money and some means of transportation to escape further into the pitch-black night.


  • Model: DVD
  • Manufactured by: U.S. Import

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