Blindman [SOLD]


Lang: Italian (No English)
Subtitles: Italian
Ratio: 2.35:1 (16/9)
Runtime: 105' (DVD9)
NOTE: Blindman was only released in the UK at the cinema by 20th Century Fox in 1972 and with cuts - The running time was 95mins 50 secs (almost 10 mins shorter)

Dir Ferdiando Baldo
Stars: Ringo Star, Tony Anthony, Magda Konopka

This has got to be the first (and maybe only) Spagehtti Western explotiation movie ever made. An almost constant stream of beauties are stripped, raped, whipped, beaten, rounded up like cattle, shot and more. And if that wasn't enough there's Ringo Star.

A blind, but deadly, gunman, is hired to escort fifty mail order brides to their miner husbands. His business partners double cross him, selling the women to bandit Domingo. Blindman heads into Mexico in pursuit


"This Spaghetti Western can be easily ranked as one of the top 20 of all time. T. Anthony was phenomenal for getting bad reviews and especially slandered for his acting he pulled off the blind role amazingly. I definitely agree, he is among the better actors such as Nero, Van Cleef, Kinski, and Milian. He is a better actor than Gemma and that is for sure. Blindman is a person who will not quit and is determined not to allow his handicap to get in the way with his business and that is to deliver 50 women to the miners. The movie was actioned packed throughout and kept the audience at full attention. I was honestly thinking to myself how is this plot going to be believable but it is very fun to watch and entertaining throughout. The movie added some very funny comedy to it which spiced it up a bit. I highly recommend this movie to die-hard spaghetti western fans." (IMDB)

The film, with its "mock Morricone" score, charges along comic book style, and is really good fun. The politics are maybe a bit dodgy in places (judging by the number of beatings and mishandling that both the Blindman and his 50 women are subjected too at regular intervals) and you have to question how a blind gunslinger could have survived so long. But maybe it is such points that make this so different from the many other Spaghetti Westerns, and help to make this a really great view.

It is worth noting that Domingo's brother, Candy, is played by none other than former Beatle and Thomas the Tank Engine narrator Ringo Starr. And, surprisingly he plays this role really well (who said he was the least talented Beatle - I couldn't imagine Paul McCartney acting so well. Actually, I know - I saw "Give My Regards to Broadstreet" once!).

  • Model: ITDVD
  • Manufactured by: Italian Import

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