Don't Wake The Dead


Director: Andreas Schnaas
Region: PAL 2
Studio: Sick Films
Length: 81 minutes
Year: 2008
Sound: Dolby Digital Surround
Picture: Anamorphic Widescreen
Extras: Hand numbered slipcase on the first 2000 pieces,Film from the German movie premiere (featuring Andreas Schnaas on vocals with a Heavy Metal band)
Slideshow, Interviews, Trailer
Lang: English  Subtitles: English, Swedish

Product Description:

Full Uncut Version of Andreas Schnaas zombie masterpiece Dont wake the dead
Ambitious Zombie movie with Nazis, Gothic sets, Not bad acting (in very good English) big cast and loads of gore effects. Killer Barbys meets Tombs of the Blind Dead, Zombie Lake and The Evil Dead.? Loads of gore, buckets of blood, convincing acting and even full forntal nudity..... Andreas Schnees is improving!


Castle Grubau, that is no good place to go to, unless your tired of living of course. But you couldnt know that if havent seen Andreas Schnaas, Don?t wake the dead, could you. But this is how it is. Several hundered years ago a team of templar knights got murdered by the villagers and buried on a cemetery outside the castle. But one of the templars got away and came back after the villagers had left. He then placed a curse over the grave. This curse gives the buried templars the power to rise from the grave one night every 66th year to take revenge on everyone that just happens to be around.

And guess what? Today it's exactly 66 years since the Templar knights from hell were up on the ground, walking around, bringing death and mayhem. And just this day a group of female, young, attractive artstudents have decided to spend the night on the castle.

Just as the girls finds the castles (very big) wine cellar, something starts moving around in the graves outside.

Without no doubt Andreas Schnaas best film so far!



  • Model: P23 (3GB)
  • Manufactured by: Swedish Import

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