Forced Entry [SOLD]



Cast: Harry Reems, Laura Cannon, Jutta David m.fl.
Director: Shaun Costello (as Helmuth Richler)
Production: USA 1973

FORCED ENTRY is a bizarre combination of horror and sado-masochistic hardcore pornography combined in the best Grindhouse tradition. Shocking, disturbing and brutal

For many years the prints and negative of this film remained in storage, and eventually disappeared. Recently, prints and video sources have materialized, making this DVD possible. The film's director supervised the authoring of the disc. And states that, editorially, this version is as close as he can come to the original.

When I watched this one, I became interested in Costello?s film.I even took a dialogue from this film to use it on IRREVERSIBLE,when the killer rapes a girl and tells her: Watch out, don't shit on my dick !

FORCED ENTRY is simply one of the most repulsive, offensive films ever made".,

Forced Entry is directed by Shaun Costello who became an actor and director of pornographic movies in the seventies. Costello produced over a hundred feature length sex films for the Mafia, including such jewels as Midnight Desires and Pandora's Mirror - as well as the dark classic Waterpower (aka The Enema Bandit)?.


DVD details:
English Dolby Digital
Subtitles: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, German, French, Dutch
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 Fullscreen version (original aspect ratio)
Runtime: 84 min. (uncut)
Region: Code 0 (NTSC)
Classification: XXX
Extras: Interviews with Shaun Costello and Maryse Alberti, slideshow with rare pictures from other Shaun Costello films, slideshow of the director, ?Hooked on Sleaze? - about the life and carreer of Costello, ?Forced Entry? - the cocktail, booklet in English and French by Nicolas Rioult.

Released by Pink Flamingo

One persons view:-
"Don't get me wrong, I am not some sort of prude who hates porn. In fact, I grew up watching tons of softcore edits of 1970s and 80s porn on the Playboy Channel, where I pretty much learned how to have sex by watching Harry Reems. And I'm no stranger to hardcore either. But this is something beyond porn. The use of hardcore sex in Forced Entry is more of the ultimate crossing of the exploitation line. It uses sex to create a disturbing and disgusting tone that conveys the brutality of the rape scenes. And in that context, the film finds some sort of artistic success. The problem, however, is that you don?t need to show penetration to make a rape scene disturbing or violent. Rape, by its very nature is violent and disturbing, and if portrayed properly in film does not even need to be seen by the audience to be effective. By actually showing the rape, and by doing so with the inclusion of hardcore sex it becomes more of a gimmick, and perhaps even more disturbingly, some sort of erotic fix for twisted perverts who find the violent defiling of women to be a turn-on."

David Walker is the creator of BadAzz MoFo, a nationally published film critic, and the Writer/Director of

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