Director: Ryan Nicholson
Region: 2
Studio: Dark Entertainment
Year: 2008
Running time: 96 minutes
Picture: 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen
Sound: Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround
Extras:Behind the bag, Audio Commentary, trailer, Dark Ent. Trailer Show
Lang: English
Subs: Swedish


A brutally sadistic rape leads to a series of bizarre gory murders during a midnight
disco bowl-a-rama at a popular bowling alley. One by one, players of two teams
meet blood-drenched gruesome deaths at the hand of a black bowling-gloved
masked killer. This alley runs red with blood by sunrise

Candice Lewald plays the rape victim in Gutterballs

Going in, Gutterballs has a few huge marks against it:

The rape. The rape scene in Gutterballs is long, drawn out, brutal, and
(some may say) unnecessary. The late '70s and early '80s saw a number of
rape-revenge films which included similarly brutal scenes, but those were in the
context of serious dramas. Gutterballs is obviously aiming for the horror/ black
comedy crowd, and in that context the graphic rape is way, way too much.
I understand that extreme violence can become slapstick, but the funniest bits of
violence are usually confined to things that can't happen. For example, when a vulgar
ventriloquist gets his penis pulled off in Troma's Terror Firmer we can laugh because
he's a creep and it is an extremely rare event when a man has his penis pulled off.
However, when Gutterballs chooses to sodomize one of its female characters with a
bowling pin during a rape scene, it just isn't funny because rape is almost constantly
occurring in the world and laughing at it won't make the situation any better.


The victims. Obviously the audience wants to see Steve and his cronies
get what's coming to them, but the killer in Gutterballs deals death
indiscriminately to Lisa's friend and attackers. The obvious reason is that
her friends somehow failed her by letting her go back in the bowling alley
alone so they deserve to die, but the movie would have a been a lot more
compelling if director could have found a way to make it work with the killer
only dispatching the guilty parties.

The ending. The film is ostensibly a rape-revenge film, and the end to those
kind of films is usually satisfying with the bad guys getting what they deserve.
The ending of Gutterballs offers no such comfort. Instead, the killer is unmasked
and just about everybody dies. It makes the preceding 90 minutes seem like a
waste of time even as it tries to be ironic. The only thing I can say in the ending's
favor is that at least the bad guys die along with everyone else.

? The nudity. I've got nothing against nudity in films, but the nudity in this film
was generally creepy. There's also numerous instances of male and female
genitalia on display. In one of the film's more difficult moments, a penis is
filleted on screen. The film's cover promises sexy, but Gutterballs is distinctly
lacking in the erotic.

After watching the movie I can definitely say that G?tt?rballs is one of
those horror movies that you will either love or hate. And I for one love it.

Plot: A brutally sadistic rape leads to a series of bizzare gory murders during
a midnight disco bowl-a-rama at a popular bowling alley. One by one, players
of both teams meat blood dreched gruesmoe deaths at the hands of a black
bowling gloved masked killer. The alley will run red with blood by sunrise and
the shocking twist that reveals the kill will shock even the most jaded viewer.

Gutterballs is a great homage to 80?s slasher flicks and I had a blast watching it. I loved the setting, the humor, the great 80?s sounding sound track and of course the over the top brutal violence and gore. And we get a lot of it. The first really brutal scene is a long gang rape scene, it isnt pretty and at times its hard to watch. Soon after the rape scene, the bodies start to pile up and the kills scenes are awesome. We have several creative kills such as the infamous death by 69 scene. There is also the very graphic and realistic looking penis mutilation scene. But my favourite is by far a death scene that involves a talking bowling ball waxing machine. Words can?t describe how awesome and funny that scene is. You have to watch it for yourself. Another thing I really liked about G?tt?rballs is the setting. I have seen a lot of slasher movies but I have never scene one set inside of a bowling alley. I also liked the soundtrack. It really gave the movie that classic 80s feel.

?Although I really enjoyed Gutterballs, it does have its problems. The biggest
being the acting and the script. I have literally seen better acting in high school plays and the script isnt much better. ?very other word is "Fuck". It's kind of funny at first but gets old after the first five minutes. The lightning was also pretty bad in some parts, but it actually helped the movie by giving it even more of a 80?s feel.

Overall Gutterballs is a really fun movie to watch if you don?t take it to serious. If you like the old campy 80s movies, than you will probably enjoy this one. If you like horror movie that are more serious you should probably avoid it.

If graphic I Spit on Your Grave caliber rape bothers you, don't see this one.
If genitalia of the male or female or in between variety are offensive to you, once again,
put this back and pick something else. How about mutilation of above mentioned genitalia That is here too; along with a laundry list of other elements all placed strategically, ham fistedly but strategically, to get the ire up. The ire of whom you may ask? Everyone, my dear sleazy readers, everyone! People are always looking for reasons to be mad and Director Ryan Nicholson has just delivered a headspinningly graphic mash note complete with bi-sected penises! This film was designed to be a sharp stick perfectly suited for poking the right people, in the most uncomfortable places.

Candice Lewald also appeared in Ryan Nicholson's next film Hanger (2009)"Although "Hanger" does have some charming traits so it's not completely worthless. Candice Lewald deserves special mention for her brilliant rendition of a secretary in heat. Her scene masturbating on her desk is a fine B-movie moment. There are some other topless women in this movie and they are all appreciated. Ryan Nicholson also deserves some kudos for standing by his convictions and packing as much extreme sexual violence in his films as possible. He has shown a rare commitment to the art of exploitation and it is to be commended. Well, at least it is by me."

"Candice Lewald lied on a bed top doing a strip tease ahowing her breast and vagina and
masturbating for a long time. There's another moment where someone pulls down her top at the front desk of a garbage dump".

Could be another sleazy movie for Candice fans to check out.

  • Model: A1
  • Manufactured by: Swedish Import

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