Hotel Paradis (uncut) [SOLD]


Stars: Anthony Steffan, Ajita Wilson, Christina Lai
Edoardo Mulargia
Lang: English + Italian (2.0)
Duration: 94 mins
Ratio: Widescreen (16/9)
Extras: Slide show

AKA: Orinoco - Prigioniere Del Sesso
(Orinoco - Prison of Sex)

The Plot: At a female prison located deep within the deadly South American jungles, a group of woman are forced to mine for valuable emeralds for the local corrupt government. A group of new prisoners on the way to the jail are ambushed and are convinced to join a group of revolutionaries seeking g to overthrow the prison guards and take the treasure of jewels for themselves. The story builds to an explosive climax that sees the rebels and the guards engaged in a fierce battle. Though more of a jungle adventure than a....



  • Model: AWE
  • Manufactured by: Danish Import

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