I'll Never Die Alone [SOLD]


I'll Never Die Alone / No Morire Sola (2008) [sold out]
Special Collector's Edition (Uncut German Release)

DVD case with special box cover.
Lang: German & Spanish
subtitles: German (No English)
Runtime: 86 mins
Ratio 1.85:1
Extras: Trailer, Gallery, 4 collectors cards
Actors: Andrea Duarte, Gimena Blesa, Marisol Tur, Rolf Garcia
Director: Adrian Garcia Bogliano

A violent thriller set in the outback of remote La Plata region, I'LL NEVER DIE ALONE (aka NO MORIRE SOLA) is a tough and pounding story of revenge for rape, mercilessly carried out by a group of women intent on pursuing their attackers to the bitter end.

The South American "I Spit on your Grave",
All the puritan movie-critics that once labeled "I Spit on your Grave" as the worst, sickest and most gratuitously exploitative horror movie ever made (I'm looking at you, Mr. Roger Ebert) are warmly advised to stay a million miles away from this Spanish/Argentinean co-production called "I'll Never Die Alone" (lovely title, by the way). Every element that made the aforementioned Rape & Revenge milestone a "class-sick" are intensified several times here, making this one of the most unpleasant, repellent and disturbing cinematic experiences I ever witnessed. We're talking vastly extended and shockingly graphic rape sequences, uncomfortably long moments of silence, aggregating acts of retaliation, a pounding grunt soundtrack and an overall ambiance of nausea. Unless I overlooked a title, this is the first genuine throwback to the most infamous sub genre of horror of the 1970's. With the emphasis nowadays lying on torture-porn flicks and tributes to Grindhouse movies, the department of Rape & Revenge movies somewhat got pushed into oblivion lately. These new torture flicks are quite sick and mega-violent, yet none of them come even close to recreating the gritty atmosphere and level of intensity of such flicks as "House on the Edge of the Park", "Fight for your Life", the original "Last House on the Left" and of course "I spit on your Grave". With "I'll Never Die Alone"; director Adrian Garcia Bogliano impressively brings back the sickest type of 70's exploitation cinema and I'm convinced many fans of the era will welcome this film with wide-open arms. The plot is very basic and straightforward as it should be. Four young girls on a road-trip through the most rural countryside of Argentina witness the murder of another girl by a trio of poachers. As they stop by the nearest police station to get help, the trio's leader also turns out to be a higher ranked authority figure. Immediately after leaving the police station, the girls find themselves pursued by the poachers' jeep. They are barbarically raped and mutilated before the strongest once have a chance to fight back. The rape sequences are particularly excruciating because A) they are shot integrally and B) because the four lead girls appear to be incredibly young.

They honestly don't look a day older as 18, which makes the shock-impact all the more intense. And either they are all four naturally gifted actresses or they were genuinely terrified during the shooting, as their facial expressions during the rapes and the rage in their eyes seem frighteningly legitimate. The bloody vengeance parts are reasonably grueling as well, including someone getting hammered to death and another bastard getting strangled by barbwire. The unsteady cinematography and raw editing may appear amateurish and low budget like, but it actually just epitomizes the raunchy tone of the film. If you are sick and tired of the nowadays exaggeratedly hyped torture flicks like "Hostel" and the numerous "Saw" sequels, try and get your dirty little hands on this authentic hardcore-to-the-bone exploitation effort.
Author:? the Draconian Swamp of Unholy Souls

2nd Opinion:

Brutal and uncompromising Argentinian rape and revenge shocker., 29 March 2010
"I'll Never Die Alone" is a nasty and mean rape and revenge flick obviously influenced by "Last House on the Left" and "I Spit on Your Grave".It tells the story of four female university students,who travel back to their family home in the remote outback of the La Plata region.During their journey they find raped and battered woman.She was sexually violated by three local hunters.Soon all four girls are captured by them.The orgy of rape and sexual violence begins in the sunny woods of La Plata.Two surviving women mercilessly pursue their attackers and extract bloody revenge via hammer,shotgun and barbwire.The rape sequence is nasty,merciless and very disturbing as is the violence.Unfortunately some shots are far too long and the lack of dialogue comes across as slightly disappointing.Still truly brutal and sick rape and revenge flick perfect for fans of misogynistic exploitation. 8 out of 10.
Author:Humanoid of the flesh?from Chyby, Poland

PLEASE NOTE: There is an alternative German  DVD release of this film.

Audio: German (Dolby Digital 5.1)
Aspeect Ratio: 1.77:1
Classification FSK: No recomendada para menores de 18 años.
Estudio: KNM Home Entertainment GmbH
Duratión: 75 minutes

  • Model: dvd
  • Manufactured by: German Import

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