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95 Minutes

The most savage adventure anyone lived or survived!

Jungle Warriors, AKA The Czar of Brazil (Euer Weg f?hrt durch die H?lle on Germany) is an action film, released in USA on November 1984. The movie was shot on Mexico and the old West Germany, but recreating the scenario of a South American jungle. Though is not a well-known film, it stars -among other recognized names- Sybil Danning (a famous American B-movie actress), Dana Elcar (McGyver?s boss on the celebrated TV series) and Paul L. Smith (who appeared in movies like Midnight Express, Dune and Red Sonja). Renowned movie star Dennis Hopper had a secondary role on the film, but later was replaced by actor Marjoe Gortner.


Plot and other stuff

A group of gorgeous American models take a long trip to South America, to participate of a photo session on a location deep in the jungle, apparently somewhere around Peruvian tropical forest. While flying over a cocaine plantation, their plane is shot down by Cesar, a dangerous drug lord, and the girls are taken prisoner by his army. Cesar suspects that an undercover police officer is among the models. In fact, one of the women actually is a special agent. Cesar orders his mercenaries to drag the girls into his dungeon for interrogation. After being tortured by Angel, Cesar?s sister, and cruelly gang-raped by all soldiers, the models are imprisoned in an underground cell to await Cesar's decision whether to execute them or keep them as slaves for his soldier?s ?entertainment.? With the help of an old female servant, the models manage to escape from the basement jail and get some guns. As they make their way toward freedom, they run into a level Mafia high meeting there in Cesar?s manor. A final gunfight breaks out as the women fight to take revenge and escape alive.

The movie follows the line of sexploitation films (with a mix of Women in prison film and rape and revenge films), being a low-budget production with some nudity and rough sexual-violence. In fact, it contains a large rape scene, showing the defenseless girls tied by the wrists to the dungeon?s ceiling and fences and being sadistically stripped, groped and abused by dozens of soldiers. Precisely, this strong scene made the film rated R and, consequentially, couldn?t aim to a mass audience. On later releases and in the edited for T.V. version, this scene has been deleted, to allow for a wider audience.

Director   Ernst R. Von Theumer
Writers   Robert Collector, Marc Furstenberg.
Nina Van Pallandt ... Joanna Quinn
Paul L. Smith ... Cesar Santiago
John Vernon ... Vito Mastranga
Alex Cord ... Nick Spilotro
Sybil Danning ... Angel
Marjoe Gortner ... Larry Schecter
Woody Strode ... Luther
Kai Wulff ... Ben Sturges
Dana Elcar ... D'Antoni
Suzi Horne ... Pam Ross
Mindi Iden ... Marci
Kari Lloyd ... Brie Klinger
Ava Cadell ... Didi Belair
Myra Chason ... Cindy Cassidy
Angela Robinson ... Monique Rogers

Another German co-production, but shot in Mexico (the cinematographer is Nicholas von Sternberg, son of Josef!), "Jungle Warriors" (1984) offers plenty of absurd fun, as a planeload of supposed supermodels, their similarly babe-like assistants and a few dingy men (including a coke-snorting and soon-to-be-impaled-by-a-jungle-booby-trap Marjoe Gortner) is shot down over South American, after the plane strays into air space controlled by ruthless jungle drug dealer Paul Smith (Bluto in Robert Altman's "Popeye") and his incestuous lover of a sister (Sybil Danning, again).?The cast includes the great Woody Strode, who shoots people through the neck with a bow and arrow, and Nina Van Pallandt, once a famous name as the mistress of Howard Hughes hoax biographer Clifford Irving. Although the models are captured and confined and degraded by the drug dealers, "Jungle Warriors" is only incidentally a "Women in Prison" picture; it most definitely is a hoot, however, as well as a screech: The theme song performed by one?Marina Arcangeli, apparently titled "Your Heat," is a more sadistic torture than anything Smith or Danning contrive.

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