Liane Das Madchen aus dem Urwald [SOLD]


AKA Liane Jungle Godess  [SOLD]
Also Known As (AKA)

Liana la figlia della foresta Italy
Liana, to koritsi tis zouglas Greece (transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title)
Liane - aarniomets?n tyt?r Finland
Liane - djungelflickan Sweden
Liane - pigen fra urskoven Denmark (imdb display title)
Liane Das M?dchen aus dem Urwald Austria (alternative spelling)
Liane, Jungle Goddess USA
Liane, viidakkotytt? Finland

Duration 80 Mins
Lang: German
Subtitles: None
Ratio: 4:3
Code: 2 (PAL)

Researchers in the African jungle find a young white woman living with a tribe, that adores her as goddess. They carry her off and proudly report to the press. It turns out that she may be Liane, the long lost daughter of the rich shipowner Amelongen. So Toren starts civilizing her and takes her to Germany, where she - now in love with Toren - has to defend herself against accusations of legacy-hunting. Will she fit into her new society?

German expedition to Africa's darkest jungle region stumbles upon topless blonde girl whom natives revere as a goddess. Is she possibly the long-lost granddaughter of wealthy Hamburg industrialist? (Would there be a movie if she wasn't?) Well, then, let's take her back to the BRD and reunite her with her family. But will she ever be able to adjust to a world of cars, tap water, and wearing a bra? Therein lies the conflict

Recommended for All Eleven-Year-Old Boys, 8 August 2009
Author: Tom Jeffrey from United States

An expedition discovers young topless Liane (Marion Michael) cavorting around the jungle, where she is worshiped by the locals as a goddess. They bring her back to Germany, where her rich grandfather lives. There, she must remain fully clothed, as another relative intrigues and murders to prevent Liane from inheriting the family fortune.

I saw this movie at my neighborhood theater around the time it was released in the USA (1959). It was on a double bill with "Plan 9 from Outer Space," which was the only reason I was in the theater that day. Imagine my surprise and fascination when Liane first made her appearance, swinging on that rope flashing her bare breasts! I was eleven years old, and it was the first time I had ever viewed a woman's breasts.


DVD ? Laufzeit: ca. 80 Minuten ? Sprache: Deutsch ? Bildformat: 4:3 ? FSK: ab 12 Jahren ? L?ndercode: 2 (PAL)

Eine deutsche Expedition im tiefsten Afrika entdeckt zuf?llig ein junges, wei?es M?dchen, das von den Eingeborenen als G?ttin verehrt wird.
Sie beschlie?en, Liane mit zur?ck nach Europa zu nehmen. Auf der Fahrt nach Hamburg kann Licht in ihre Herkunft gebracht werden. Es stellt sich heraus, dass sie die Erbin eines ungeheuren Verm?gens ist. Ihr Gro?vater, der steinreiche Reeder Amelongen ist gl?cklich, sein Enkelkind in die Arme zu schlie?en, doch es gibt auch Personen, die ?ber ihr pl?tzliches Erscheinen gar nicht gl?cklich sind?

"A fun fish out of water story and a nifty look at sexual and pornographic mores of the nineteen fifties, Liane, Jungle Goddess is well worth a peek."

Marion Michael

Dutch postcard by Gebr. Spanjersberg, Rotterdam, nr. 1009. Photo: Ufa.
German film actress and singer Marion Michael (1940-2007) was a one hit wonder as Liane, the jungle girl. The blond beauty has become an icon of the German cinema as a female Tarzan.
When she was only 15, Marion Michael was selected out of allegedly 12,000 entries for the lead in Liane, das M?dchen aus dem Urwald (1956, Eduard von Borsody). This adventure movie was largely shot on location in Africa. The story is about a girl who is discovered by an expedition group (which includes Hardy Kr?ger) in the African jungle. A tribe adores her as a goddess. It turns out that she is Liane, the long lost granddaughter of a rich shipowner in Hamburg. Although Michael appeared topless during the first half of the movie, she was acceptable for family audiences as the nature child with no obvious erotic suggestiveness. The movie was a huge box office hit, but unfortunately this success would not be matched by any of her other films.
Marion Michael played next in the comedy Der tolle Bomberg (1957, Rolf Thiele), the sequel Liane, die wei?e Sklavin (1957, Hermann Leitner) and the crime film Bomben auf Monte Carlo (1960, Georg Jacoby) with Eddie Constantine. During the shooting of Bomben auf Monte Carlo she had a car accident that left her face temporarily scarred. She recovered and returned to acting in Schlu?akkord (1960, Wolfgang Liebeneiner), the Schlagerfilm Davon tr?umen alle M?dchen (1961, Thomas Engel) and Jack und Jenny (1963, Victor Vicas), but her luck had faded. The following decade she mainly worked for theatre and tv. She suffered a severe depression and retired from acting in 1976. For a while she worked as a saleswoman and in 1979 she took the unusual step of moving from West to East Germany, where she worked as a synchronisation assistant for tv. Only occasionally she acted in films such as In Hassliebe Lola (1995, Lothar Lambert) and Blond bis aufs Blut (1997, Lothar Lambert). Her life became the topic of a tv musical, Liane (1996, Horst K?nigstein). In 2007 she died of heart failure at the age of 66.

  • Model: GDD-G3
  • Manufactured by: German Import

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