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Format: NTSC 0
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Languages: English
Subtitles: None
Audio: Stereo
Picture Format: wide screen - anamorphic (16/9)
Length: (approx) 99 minutes.
Extras: Behind the scenes, Alternative version, Raw whipping, Outtakes,
3 trailers (approx 18 mins). Double sided cover.
Cast: Hana Liska, Kate Blonde, Maria Vaslova, Baron Trenck, Conrad Bismarck.
Music: Frank Cossack
Director: Roman Nowicki

"...the huge bullwhip strikes at her naked, sweat soaked body, wrapping itself around her stomach like a venomous snake. The stinging pain shoots through her. She can hardly catch her breath before she feels the next strike. Carla watches herself in the carefully placed mirror. She sees the tell-tale red marks across her beautiful outstretched body. She is slowly being broken. She feels aroused , ashamed and humiliated but still she can?t stop looking at herself in the mirror..."

In Brief: A tale of how Detective Novak (Hana Liska) descended from a top cop into an orgasm seeking nymphomaniac with an obsessive lust for the lash of the whip.

In detail: When Sylvia's (Maria Vaslova) car breaks down in a dark country lane, she soon finds herself surrounder by a bunch of retarded woodland peasants. Realising her superiority she sees them off. But unfortunatley for Sylvia her victory is short lived as they return to exact an humiliating and painful punishment. Stripped naked she is hung up and whipped to orgasm.....

Det Lucie Novak (Hana Liska) is sent to investigate this sex crime only to find herself drawn into a masochistic world of pain and pleasure orchestrated by the enigmatic Fantom Whipper.

Now hopelessly addicted to the pleasures of the lash she agrees to commit any crime for her new found master.....her payment, another intense orgasm from the merciless bullwhip as only the Fantom Whipper can deliver.

Discharged by the police department for being found tied, naked and beaten in the forest she makes friends with the sophisticated Maria Markovska (Kate Blond) and both soon discover their common interest...

See beautiful women..stripped naked...and whipped mercilessly...again..and again...until they cum!!

This is the first film of its kind! Never before have actresses allowed themselves to be stripped naked
and mercylessly whipped for their art.

"Mark of the Whip was fantastic!! I hope you will produce Mark of the Whip 2, and more MOW sequels, featuring Hana Liska".

"Mark of the Whip is an excellent movie. I look forward to the new releases".

"I saw today mark of the whip . at least 10 genius moments makes it impressive film . very good .you know that it is great .it must be hit".

"Mark of the Whip is bloody marvelous!"

"Mark was as good looking as Fantom, there's always a special kind of ambience to the Nowicki films that i like. but I don't think whipping is quite my thing! I prefer the good old slasher theme I think! It was fun though, and the out-takes of the whipper whipping himself was nice. He deserved it! "

WARNING: This film also contains hard core scenes and graphic insertions!!!

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MARK OF THE WHIP is avilable in 2 formats PAL or NTSC.
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  • Model: MOWDVD
  • Manufactured by: Teraz Films

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