New York Ripper [SOLD]


Original title: Lo Squartatore di New York (1982) [sold out]
ASPECT RATIO: Widescreen 2.35:, 16:9 anamorphic
LANGUAGES: English Dolby Digital
SUBTITLES: Danske, norske, svenske & finske
EXTRAS: Trailer - Slideshows - Biografier - Filmografier - Interview with composer De Masi, Trailershow for other AWE releases - 4 siders booklet Interview med Howard Ross - Fulci dokumentar del 2 PLUS INCLUDES PREVIOUSLY OMMITED SCENES
STARS:Jack Hedley, Alexandra Delli Colli, Howard Ross, Daniela Doria, Zora Kerova
DIRECTOR: Lucio Fulci

"Shot in an uncompromising style with an unflinching brutality which remains beyond the pale for the BBFC nearly thirty years after it was first released, New York Ripper is a well-paced, deeply-involving, tense and fucking bleak film, and - as much as I love the high weirdness of The Beyond - New York Ripper is for me Fulci's best-developed and best-executed movie."

 PLOT: Killer who talks like a duck wanders around New York City killing women by various means including slicing an eyeball with a razorblade. Detective Jack Headly is hot on his trail.

REVIEW 1: Lt. Fred Williams a new york cop is investigating a number of disturbing killings where the women are to say the least butchered. His first clue is that the killer speaks like Donald Duck, and soon the killer is calling and taunting Williams, so he calls in the help of a local Professor of Psychology to help profile the killer. There are plenty of gruesome killings and seedy set pieces to keep any sleaze fan happy ie.A Latino *beep* a woman with his foot, the same woman masturbating in a live sex porno theatre and taping it to pleasure her husband with later,a girl being butchered with a razor blade ripping open her face right down through her eyeball?pretty gruesome?.but wholly enjoyable as only Fulci can do. The dubbed dialogue is poor at times but it didn't take away from my enjoyment?a real video nasty. Author: Prof-Hieronymos-Grost from Ireland

REVIEW 2? Lucio Fulci's "The New York Ripper"(1982)is a very sleazy and nasty thriller filled with sadistic sexual violence and gore.A sicko killer is on the loose in New York City.He enjoys slicing up young and beautiful women,preferably naked ones.He also talks like a duck and likes to taunt police.Lieutant Williams(Jack Hedley)tries to find him.Like all good gialli "The New York Ripper" is an uniquely crafted mystery with plenty of red herrings.The film is extremely brutal-women are graphically gutted,Zora Kerova("Cannibal Ferox")has a broken bottle rammed into her vagina,another woman has her erect nipple,then eye slowly slashed by a razor blade.It also features more sex and sleaze than any other Fulci film I can recall for example one scene takes place in a 42nd Street strip club,where a man and woman engage in live sex on stage in front of an audience.All in all "The New York Ripper" is a cult classic and a must-see for fans of Italian giallos.So if you liked this one I'd recommend "Giallo a Venezia","The Killer Is Still Among Us","Born for Hell","House on the Edge of the Park","Maniac","Terror Express" and other nasty movies from the golden times of exploitation! Author: Embalmer from Chyby,Poland

TRIVIA: The lead role was originally offered to Katherine McColl who had previously starred in Fulci's City Of The Living Dead, The Beyond & House By The Cemetry. She was apparently a little suspicious and turned the offer down, it would of been her second time appearing with Paolo Malco.

After the film was rejected for a UK cinema certificate in 1984 chief censor James Ferman infamously ordered all prints to be escorted to the airport and deported from the country.

After many years of being banned in Britain the rights were purchased by UK company Vipco who issued the film originally as an export-only VHS version under close censor & police supervision. When censorship laws were relaxed in the UK it was submitted to the BBFC for a certificate in 2002 and received 22 secs of cuts to the razor-blade murder, as well as a strict guideline that the film could only be released with minimal publicity. The film was then issued on VHS by Vipco but a DVD release was canceled after some UK DVD distributors refused to stock it. Consequently it was never available on UK DVD until 2007 when the movie was released by Argent Films, and this version contained a further 12 secs of censor cuts.?

COLLECTORS EDITION These AWE releases are the ultimate collector's editons of these Italian Gore Classics. Beautifully packaged, packed with extras and a superb print transfer.

  • Model: AWEDVD
  • Manufactured by: Danish Import

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