Sacrifice [DVDR]


Sacrifice (DVDR) no case or cover
Girls are kidnapped and taken to the woods where they are abused, kept naked in a bamboo cage and face fucked and humiliated (eg - ordered to shit) and gang raped.

Sakura Sakurada is a Japanese actress, model and adult video (AV) star who has also used the name Sakura Matsui for still photo shoots. Her long and prolific career and international recognition mark her as an AV Idol.

Early career - "Uncensored Movies"

Adult Video News has described Sakura Sakurada as having "a fantastic body - lithe, but totally buxom." Making her AV debut in 2003, Sakurada became known for starring in so-called "uncensored movies" i.e. the genitalia are not pixilated to disguise them. This technique, known as "fogging," or "mosaic" is used in most Japanese porn movies. Sakurada has appeared in about 40 original "uncensored movies" in her career but that figure has been greatly magnified by numerous re-releases, compilations and online pay-per-view and streaming versions.

Besides performing in numerous films in the more common genres, such as bukkake, gokkun, naka-dashi, sex in public, and erotic cosplay, Sakurada has also performed in several unusual projects. Among these, she has taken part in a number of fetish productions (primarily for Giga in 2003 and 2004). featuring scat and omorashi (watersports). In one video for Natural High (Hot Horny Shemales Fucking Crazy) her costars were two transsexual woman actresses. She has also made a video (Mother-Daughter Rice Bowl) with an actress, Satsuki Sakurada, who is identified as her mother and who also performs. In a second video (see Incest Chapter released 2004-11-01 in the Filmography) they appear only in separate scenes. In addition, she has appeared in one film (The Dog Game) involving rape and a scene of bestiality.

In Japanese, Sakura means Cherry Blossom, which is a very popular motif in Japan.


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