Schoolgirl Hitchikers


School Girl Hitchikers (1973)
aka Jeunes Filles Impudiques
Dir: Jean Rollin

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Runtime: 76mins
BBFC states that the UK release was cut by 56 seconds
Lang: English & French (2.0)
Subs: Scandinavian
Zone: PAL 2
Format: Widescreen? (16/9)
Extras: Trailers for Grapes of Death, Fascination, Night of the HUnted. Les Demoniacs, The Living Dead Girl
Label: AWE (Denmark)


"There is a good dose of sex and a liberal amount of sadism to keep things moving along."

Two gorgeous lesbians (Joelle Coeur & Gilda Arancio) find a deserted house in the forest and decide to shack-up for the night making good use of the master bedroom. The girls are not alone though, as the house is being used as a hideout by a jewel thief who diverts himself from the bordom of waiting for his accomplices with a threesome. In the morning the girls are on thier way but when the nasty femme-fatal leader of the gang arrives, and the jewels appear to be missing thing go downhill rapidly for our heroines. Captured by the gang they are tortured but know nothing about where the loot is. Coeur escapes and returns with a private detective to rescue her friend and it all ends in a credibility straining shootout.
A 1973 sexplotation quickie that Rollin cranked out between more personal works Schoolgirl Hitchikers (or Impudent Young Girls as the French call it) has much to entertain fans of the director but probably won't convert any nay-sayers. It's aumusing, trashy and the frequently nude Coeur, who would later appear in Rollins much more accomplished tale of pirate-wreckers Demoniacs, is gorgeous. There is a good dose of sex and a liberal amount of sadism to keep things moving along.

  • Model: A7
  • Manufactured by: Danish Import

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