The World According to Max #70761


The World According to Max
Perverted Anal Sex at its Most Extreme!
...unter DRUCK!!!!
Best Number 70761
Ratio: 4/3
Code: PAL 2
Audio: Stereo
Duration: 90 mins
Lang; German dubbing (Original sound during the sex Action)

Stars: Kimi Ji, Katalia, Eros, Emes und Max Hardcore

Adult film director Max Hardcore sentenced to 4 years in prison on obscenity 

"So, to recap, in the Land of the Free: if you're an adult who produces a film using other consenting adults, for the entertainment of still other consenting adults, which merely depicts fictional acts of humiliation and degradation, the DOJ will prosecute you and send you to prison for years. The claim that no real pain was inflicted will be rejected; mere humiliation is enough to make you a criminal. But if government officials actually subject helpless detainees in their custody to extreme mental abuse, degradation, humiliation and even mock executions long considered "torture" in the entire civilized world, the DOJ will argue that they have acted with perfect legality and, just to be sure, Congress will hand them retroactive immunity for their conduct. That's how we prioritize criminality and arrange our value system." 
'Even though he lived and worked in California, the Bush DOJ dragged him to Tampa, Florida in order to try him under Tampa's "community standards," on the theory that his website used servers physically based in Central Florida and some of the films were sent to Tampa customers who purchased them.'

  • Model: HC5
  • Manufactured by: German Import

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