Unrated The Movie [SOLD]


Unrated The Movie (Original English Uncut Edition) (2009) [SOLD]
Book Case style DVD case
Runtime: 81 mins
Lang: English lang DD 2.0
Extras: Trailer + Behind the scenes
Dir: Timo Rose and Andreas Schnaas

Eileen Daly (Razor Blade Smile)
Silke Freitag
Sascha Hartmann
Eleanor James (Back Slasher, Forest of the Damned,
Dr. Psycho's Chamber of Sadism 1: Sado-Nurses in Hea

Magdalena Kalley (La Petit Morte (2009)
Vivian Schmitt (German erotic Superstar)
Annika Straue (La Petit Morte (2009)


Frank is a filmmaker who brings a group of actresses to a cabin in the woods to make a film. While there they stumble upon a book, a book that belongs to the Book Keeper. The book is in no way an ordinary book, as it brings demons to earth, and now Frank and his actresses are the only ones to stop them.

  • Model: GDD
  • Manufactured by: German Import

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