Visual Addiction

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Visual Addiction
The art of Robt. Wiliams
Last Gasp Press
98 pages (Colur and B&W)
Original PRice $24.95
Printed: 1989
Excellent Condition

With an Introduction by Lydia Lunch
The second in the series accompanying the Zombie Mystery Paintings. This devotes more space to the colour plates and the layout is less rushed than Zombie. I bought my copies in the 90's and I believe this the second in a series. I arrived at the pit stop after reading an article by Jim Thirwell on modern art. At the time, Abstract drippings were the forte. Street art, album covers, choppers, cartoons and posters were completely ignored. Elitism of paint chucking or blasting single colours on frames was the master. Culture has travelled a long long way over twenty years.

Post punk was the cultural battering ram, liberating all the genre's. It always ready to embrace much more than a musical timbre, incorporating books, art, film and politics. This is provided an alternative non linear education. Jim and Nick introduced Robert.

Robert went on to influence a whole generation with pop art surrealism. It is telling this is the first review on Amazon in the UK. Gazing at concept art dulls the senses. Robert went on to introduce the world to Mark Ryden, Johnny and Kali, Pizz, Barr, Coop, Xno, Emek, Hess, Almera, Bawdidaman, Garcia, McPherson, Schorr, Rockin Jellybean and the thousands of other renaissance artists working under the umbrella of lowbrow pop surrealism. The only notable absense from the stable, apart from Vince Ray is any British contribution.

This book has plates from the second series looking at the world through x ray eyes. Robert Williams produces uneasy views on human hipocrisy, exposing the double standards of sex. Whereas art defined by patrons glorifies the sitter, Williams' deals with themes. This connects back to Dali. Williams however wants to journey with Buddha on his back, to look beyond the presentation to get to the real. This entails passing through the facades of modern life, inspecting the debris and taking pictures of it. The pictures are far from easy, they are angry journeys coated in angst but have a clear insight into disturbing hidden worlds of fear, revenge, lies and lust.

Reviews from where this book sells for as much as $99.99!!!

I first received a copy of Visual Addiction from the nude model in my Life Drawing class in college.It is a collection of images: the first half is black&white with looooong titles, the second half is identical, but in color with only plate numbers. The imagery is stunning...some of the artwork is offensive, even to an open-minded person like myself.I have studied this book(portfolio, if you will) and I still find new things in the artwork. I CHALLENGE YOU TO STUDY THE GENIUS THAT IS ROBERT WILLIAMS. Buy this book without any knowledge of its content, and you will not be disapponted( that is, if you are the type of person who likes to see circus clowns battling to the death...)

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